About Ann Pryer Jewellery

Elegant, simple, beautiful jewellery, designed and created by three generations of the same family.

Ann Pryer jewellery designs spring from Ann; she spent many years painting watercolours in the style of oils, then working on ceramics and glazes. Amongst her influences, Bernard Leach and Lucie Rie.

Eight years ago she started designing and creating jewellery; her son Jaime loved her work but found it difficult to find manufacturers to reproduce her designs.

Jaime gave up a career in the music business and together with his son, Jaime Jnr, studied jewellery manufacture and design for years in Hatton Garden.

Now the ideas and the craft of Ann, Jaime and Jaime Jnr have come together with a collection of beautiful pieces filled with a family’s love and dedication.

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Boutique Accessories

Our jewellery is hand finished 

Perfect as gifts or as a present to oneself. 

Unparalleled Style

Each piece is individual and relaxed, giving a feeling of style and warmth